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Live Music Every Night at Mac’s at 19 Broadway Fairfax CA

Live Music Every Night at Mac's at 19 Broadway Fairfax CA

This Long-running bar features a weekly lineup of live music and open-mike nights. There are outdoor patio tables for listening to music. It's an ideal spot to meet friends and people-watch. It also has open-mike nights and an informal atmosphere. Whether you're looking for a good burger, a drink with a local brew, or live music, this bar will have something to suit your tastes.

Peri's Tavern

The original 19 Broadway location of Peri's Tavern, a piano bar, has undergone a major change. A few years ago, the place was cash-only. Owner Frankie Peri, who once ran the Grateful Dead's ticket office, is now accepting credit cards at the door. His son, Scott, has been the general manager since 2017. He was a production manager for the Grateful Dead for more than two decades. When his father passed away, he inherited the bar.

If you're looking for live music, Fairfax is a great place to check out Peri's Tavern. The place has live bands every night. You can also catch live music at Mac's at 19 Broadway, a pub and restaurant. You can also check out the Iron Springs Pub and Brewery in the city, which features live entertainment on Sunday afternoons. A night out in Fairfax may also include a stop at 19 Broadway Bar and Nighclub. This venue offers dance hall music, Americana, and roots through blues. You can also enjoy live music at Peri's Tavern, which features local musicians every night.

During the 1970s, Fairfax was a hotbed of live music. Now, it's more famous as the gateway to West Marin. Mountain biking was invented in Fairfax, and the town boasts extensive undeveloped land. Despite its proximity to San Francisco, Fairfax still maintains its semi-country feel. Its community is thriving, and residents love to share their uniqueness with neighbors.


If you're looking for a fun place to have dinner and drinks, look no further than Mac's at the 19th Broadway. Before the earthquake struck, this restaurant was one of the most popular spots in Fairfax, featuring live music nightly. Local rock bands and aristocrats alike flocked to Mac's. As the town gentrified and family-friendly dining options became more common, however, Mac's struggled to retain its aristocratic crowd.

The stylish Mac's 19 Broadway lounge offers a cocktail list of perfectly crafted classics, prohibition-style drinks and craft beers. The bar's extensive craft beer selection is complemented by an impressive selection of wines and spirits. Mac's 19 Broadway also hosts live music every week. You'll find local bands and talented performers performing every night, as well as popular DJs.

Live music

A bar with a long tradition in the area, Mac's at 19 Broadway Fairfax CA offers live music almost every night, as well as open-mic nights and patio seating. Casual and fun, this neighborhood bar is great for an evening out with friends. Live music is played nightly in the bar's large room, which features a piano and a guitar. Whether you enjoy folk or classical music, you'll find something to enjoy at this long-running venue.

Before the quake, Mac's at 19 Broadway was the center of the Fairfax rock scene, featuring live performances nearly every night. Local rock bands and San Francisco aristocrats both frequented this music venue. However, the bar's popularity with rock fans diminished as the town gentrified and family-friendly dining venues began to emerge. Fortunately, the bar still hosts local musicians and is still a favorite for locals.

A laid-back atmosphere is complemented by the bar's excellent cocktail selection. Drinks include perfectly crafted classics and prohibition-style concoctions, while the craft beer menu is carefully curated. Live music is a big draw at Mac's, as the bar is renowned for regular performances by musicians who play classics and newer riffs. A full bar is available for those who are interested in dancing or chatting with friends.