The Triumph NTO-9AE 9 2-Post Car Lift

Sep 10, 2022 Mechanic


A two-post car lift is a great option for the home or small shop. This type of lift features dual point safety releases, floor mounting anchor bolts, and truck adapters. The 9,000-lb. Mechanic Super Store site model has dual point safety releases and a 9,000-lb. capacity.

Installation of a 2-post car lift

The Triumph NTO-9AE 9 2-post car lift has a two-point locking system. When the lift is fully installed, it measures 111 inches from base plate to top of the post. The lift has a floorplate in the middle that prevents people from carrying heavy items into the center of the lift. This style of lift is also better for preventing damage to the driver's seat because the top of the lift is closed.

The Triumph NT-9AE 9 2-post car lift supports any car up to 9000 pounds. It can be used for a variety of tasks, such as performing car repair work. When it comes to power, the motor requires a 220V single-phase AC connection. It also requires 30-amp wiring and breakers, which should be installed by a professional electrician. Failure to install the proper power supply can void the warranty. Be sure to ask the electrician to provide a receipt.

The Triumph NTO-9AE is an excellent choice for a small commercial shop. This model has a 9,000-lb capacity and will suit both small garages and repair facilities. It offers a great value and features a symmetrical lifting system. The NT-9AE is also available for home use. It's easy to install and is perfect for a wide range of vehicles.

Installing a two-post car lift can be done in a few hours by 2 people. Ideally, the garage floor must be at least 4 inches thick and have a tensile strength of 3000 psi. It should also have sufficient depth for the anchors.

Comparison of 2-post car lifts with 4-post car lifts

When comparing 2-post car lifts to 4-post car lifts, it's essential to consider the weight of your vehicle. Although two-post car lifts are more stable and can support a larger vehicle's weight, they can be problematic if you don't know your vehicle's center of gravity. This can cause stability problems and lifting errors.

A two-post car lift comes in two basic designs. The symmetrical version features posts that are parallel to one another, while the asymmetrical version has asymmetrical swing arms. The former is advantageous for vehicles with an unbalanced center of gravity, while the latter is better suited to long vehicles.

Two-post lifts are typically cheaper than four-post lifts. But they do require more precision when lifting a car. Two-post lifts require the user to identify and manipulate the appropriate lifting points, which differ from vehicle to vehicle. A four-post lift is safer, because it allows the driver to drive the vehicle onto the lift platform.

A four-post car lift is designed to handle heavier loads and work cycles. The extra support provided by the four-post lift allows it to safely and securely service a wider variety of vehicles. While a two-post car lift is primarily designed for small vehicles, a four-post lift will accommodate large sedans, trucks, and vans. It also has additional features for easier servicing, like jacks.

Cost of a 2-post car lift with a 4-post car lift

When it comes to cost, a 2-post lift is cheaper than a 4-post lift. A new two-post lift can cost anywhere from $1500 to $1800, while a second-hand 4-post lift can cost up to $2200. There are several advantages to a two-post lift.

Two-post lifts can lift a single car or two cars at a time. While this is convenient for smaller vehicles, a four-post lift allows you to stack multiple vehicles at once. The four-post lift is also more stable and capable of hoisting a larger car. However, it costs slightly more than the two-post lift. Choosing between these two models is a matter of personal preference.

A two-post car lift can lift a vehicle up to 4,000 pounds. While the latter is more convenient, a four-post lift will provide more stability and a greater degree of peace of mind. In addition, a four-post lift is generally safer for larger vehicles and for long-term storage. Both lifts should meet strict safety requirements, and it is important to regularly maintain them to ensure maximum safety and longevity.

Choosing between a 2-post car lift and a four-post car lift depends on your needs and garage space. If you have a small garage, a 2-post lift will be more affordable. In a commercial environment, you may find it more convenient to have a four-post lift to accommodate multiple vehicles.